The Wineyards


Suvereto, a land of great Tuscan wines
Our vineyards are situated on low hills, about 100 metres above sea level. Her soils are gravel, clay and low yielding. The local microclimate and aspect make the Suvereto area an ecological niche with potential for great Tuscan red wines with outstanding structure.

The estate
Gualdo del Re has an overall surface area of about 45 hectares.
Vines are trained following the traditional guyot and cordon systems to very low yields. Vineyard density is about 6.500 vines per hectare. .

In accordance with nature
We alternate cornfields, barley, sunflower and broad bean plantations on our land. Broad bean is also used as a fertiliser along with manure. At Gualdo del Re chemical fertilisers and herbicides have no reason to exist, everything follows its own natural rhythm.

The company is bio certified by BIOAGRICERT-IT BIO 007-OPER 097836.

“Visiting the vineyard, the farm, the wine cellar, sitting at the table with the winemaker… is like assisting to the creation of a perfect circle”

— Nico, the winemaker