Project “f” is intended to become a renaissance of a unique Italian luxury product. Two exceptional Italian arts and crafts and their masters join in order to create a product that lies beyond any imagination. It will be the nucleus of Italian viniculture while at the same time being an absolute luxury and collector’s item, reaching far more prospective buyers than could be reached by the traditional viniculture only.

“f” is still young, its own archive of memories still small. It has, however, a remarkable spectrum of seduction embedded in its DNA. “f” comes from the amalgamation of two ancient Italian crafts, perfected over centuries: noble Tuscan viniculture and legendary Venetian glassblowing.

Nico Rossi and “Guarda del Re” are synonyms for outstanding Merlot wines. The area of Suvereto , situated in the high  Maremma, already offers perfect conditions for growing wine. Excellent soil and terroir as well as suitable climatic circumstances allow for best results. Due to a strict reduction of yields of the vineyard the quality of the grapes was increased following the rule of quality instead of quantity. During the vinification over 24 months, the enologist, bearing a doctorate in her field, Barbara Tamburini, lived up to her secret title of “Regina del Merlot”.

The piece of art that surrounds this valuable nectar is an artwork by the famous artisan glassblowing company of Carlo Moretti in Murano. The “soffitatori del vetro” actually managed to blow new life into the classic tuscany “fiasco” with its straw basket. One of the well-kept secrets of Venetian glassblowing is the combination of liquid glass in different colours and structures, all in one blow. Only aided by hand carved moulds, nearly identical originals are blown in three colours. Exceptionally beautiful but – due to an unusual strength of the glass – as resilient as machine made press-glass. This is necessary to guarantee stability when the cork is applied using 80 kg of pressure. An elongated bottle neck makes sure that the specially manufactured corks from Portugal keep the bottle airtight

A label would but disturb this creation of artisanal art and crafts. Therefore, any lettering will be etched into the glass and the beauty of the bottle only becomes visible after the exquisite content has found its purpose.
This “artefact” is not simply a “lovely bottle” but part of a total work of art, a conversation piece and piece of art, that will come to life , other than a painting, only for a short moment, namely when the cork leaves the bottle neck.

“f” is the perfect object of desire which will last eternally after the wine has left it. Not only as a beautiful exhibit, but also as a reminiscence of the grand fleeting of the moment when the valuable Wine was tasted.

This preciosity, strictly limited to 2’000 bottles, can be ordered online.


THE REGISTRATION/PRE-SALE starts on April 26th 2018 on